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Advantages of the E-learning Portal

  • Access self-paced online learning material from anywhere at any time without the need for EXACT or OASIS to be installed on your device
  • Effortlessly train new staff on how to efficiently and effectively use EXACT or OASIS
  • Upskill experienced staff and expand their knowledge
  • Complete courses on a range of topics specific to the learner’s role at the practice
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Track your team’s E-learning journey

Your team can be added to our E-learning Portal as a ‘Learning Group’. We can also set up a Team Leader. The Team Leader can:

  • Assign topics to registered members of their team
  • Check which modules your team has started and completed

How to register

Step 1. Register your team* 

  • EXACT: Click here to complete the EXACT E-learning Portal Registration form 
  • OASIS: Click here to complete the OASIS E-learning Portal Registration form
  • Dentrix Ascend: Click here to complete the Dentrix Ascend E-learning Portal Registration form

Step 2. Verification 

Check your email inbox for a verification email and complete the instructions.

Step 3. Log into the E-learning Portal 

Once verified, ask your team to log into the E-learning Portal and complete the topic ‘Getting Started’.

*  Practices must have a current EXACT or OASIS Service Level Agreement

Last Updated on 3 September 2021

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