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Advantages of the E-learning Portal

  1. Access self-paced online learning material from anywhere at any time without the need for EXACT or OASIS to be installed on your device
  2. Effortlessly train new staff on how to efficiently and effectively use EXACT or OASIS
  3. Upskill experienced staff and expand their knowledge
  4. Complete courses on a range of topics specific to the learner’s role at the practice
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Track your team’s E-learning journey

Your team can be added to our E-learning Portal as a ‘Learning Group’. We can also set up a Team Leader. The Team Leader can:

  • Assign topics to registered members of their team
  • Check which modules your team has started and completed

How to register

Step 1. Register your team* 

  • EXACT: Click here to complete the EXACT E-learning Portal Registration form 
  • OASIS: Click here to complete the OASIS E-learning Portal Registration form
  • Dentrix Ascend: Click here to complete the Dentrix Ascend E-learning Portal Registration form

Step 2. Verification 

Check your email inbox for a verification email and complete the instructions.

Step 3. Log into the E-learning Portal 

Once verified, ask your team to log into the E-learning Portal and complete the topic ‘Getting Started’.

*  Practices must have a current EXACT or OASIS Service Level Agreement

Last Updated on 23 March 2022

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