Case Study: Wagga Wagga Periodontics

We’ve helped Wagga Wagga Periodontics manage their practices remotely

Wagga Periodontics

As a premium cloud-based software, Dentrix Ascend enables oral health practitioners to overcome the challenges of running more than one practice.

For periodontist Dr Anand Prabhu, and practice manager Shruti, accessibility was crucial to managing their practice data. 

They manage periodontal practices in multiple locations – over 600km apart – which presented the challenge of organising patient information and appointment calendars remotely.

Breaking down the distance barrier

After years of battling with cumbersome software in shared practice spaces, Anand and Shruti opened their own periodontic practices – with the freedom to choose a practice management programme that worked best for them. 

Anand worked remotely, often travelling far away from their home practice in Wagga Wagga to work in Tamworth, or to their second periodontal clinic in Hamilton. 

After discovering Dentrix Ascend, Anand and Shruti could access their data from anywhere in the world. This offered considerable peace of mind, as Anand could manage referrals and access his patient’s periodontal charts remotely – whether he was in Wagga Wagga or on holiday in India.

With Dentrix Ascend, one receptionist can manage appointments in multiple practices

As well as allowing for remote access, using Dentrix Ascend to manage multiple practices saved Anand the trouble (and cost) of hiring admin staff in both locations. 

Rather than relying on an extra staff member to book appointments for Hamilton, Anand and Shruti can manage all calendars with ease from their home practice in Wagga Wagga.

“Dentrix Ascend has saved us from having to employ another staff member. Now my practice travels with me.” 

Dr Anand Prabhu, Periodontist and DirectorWagga Wagga Periodontic

Tailoring our software to periodontal services

As a periodontal practice, Wagga Perio has been able to adapt Dentrix Ascend’s dental software to their specialist oral health clinic.

Dentrix Ascend easily aligned with periodontal procedures. Anand benefits from the simplified integration of x-rays and periodontal charting into Dentrix Ascend’s document management – allowing him to attach images to letters and reports without having to use separate conversion tools.

While previous software complicated their workflow, the straightforward navigation of Dentrix Ascend has allowed Anand and Shruti to easily integrate the dental software to their specialised practice.

Accessing world-class data protection>

When storing data online, and handling patient data from multiple locations, security is fundamental.

Dentrix Ascend provided Anand and Shruti with unprecedented data protection features:

  • Customised access:When managing multiple practices, controlling staff access is crucial to ensure that sensitive patient information is kept secure.Dentrix Ascend allowed Anand and Shruti to control what is accessed by their team at all times, offering peace of mind as they moved between practices or travelled overseas.

“We can easily tailor access for different staff members based on their role and responsibility, or switch off their access if they leave us. This keeps our patient’s information safe at all times.”Dr Anand Prabhu, Periodontist and DirectorWagga Wagga Periodontic

  • World-class data storage:Anand and Shruti’s practice data is secured in premium data storage facilities.This provides assurance that, in the case of a fire, theft, or natural disaster, they can easily retrieve patient records and documents from the cloud.
  • Automatic updates:Many practices handle their software updates in-house, as well as manually backing up their data – but this crucial task is often neglected.Not only does this make practices vulnerable to hackers, but software maintenance can require costly assistance from IT services.With automated software updates and data back-ups, Anand and Shruti know their programme is constantly optimised. Now they can rely on Dentrix Ascend’s round-the-clock support without having to hire their own IT specialist.

Advanced software with personalised support

Switching over to a new practice management software may seem daunting – transferring data and learning to navigate new programmes can be stressful and complicated.

For Anand and Shruti, the support team at Henry Schein One went above and beyond to ensure they were happy with their new software.

“The support from Henry Schein One is fantastic. Initially, a trainer stayed with us for two days to help us adjust to the new software and learn how to use Dentrix Ascend. It was a very personalised service.”

Shruti Prabhu, Director and Practice ManagerWagga Wagga Periodontic

As a general dental software, Dentrix Ascend was easily adaptable to the needs of this specialised oral health practice. 

Anand and Shruti could benefit from the same streamlined navigation and automation that other dental practices have used to help achieve better patient outcomes.

Managing multiple practices shouldn’t tie you down

For Anand and Shruti, managing their practices remotely and securely would not be possible without Dentrix Ascend.

“With Henry Schein One, your information is stored with the same level of security as internet banking. You entrust banks with your money online, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of cloud-based software for your practice? It’s the same level of security and personalisation.”

Dr Anand Prabhu, Periodontist and DirectorWagga Wagga Periodontic

With the ability to access their data from anywhere in the world, Anand and Shruti have the freedom to travel with the peace of mind that their information is protected at all times.

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Last Updated on 17 November 2020

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