Testimonial: Markham Street Dental

New EXACT practice wishes they had switched sooner

Joseph Bonang Nyepetsi of Markham Street Dental, based in Armidale NSW, made the change to EXACT software about seven months ago.

His only regret? Wishing he’d done it sooner.

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The software his practice used earlier was very basic and didn’t offer many features. Joseph knew he needed software that could handle online bookings, to keep pace with how many patients prefer to book these days, and that could track business data for him.

EXACT has gone beyond meeting his expectations: it’s exceeded them.

Since buying the practice five years ago, Joseph says he was a good dentist but not an effective business manager. “I was seeing patients, paying bills, but not really keen on knowing how the business was running. With EXACT, opportunities have opened up because the numbers are already there: I don’t have to do them.”

One thing he was in the dark about was patient recalls. In the seven months since switching to EXACT, patient recall effectiveness has shot up from 30% to more than 70%. As he says, “Numbers don’t lie.”

A reason many dental practices resist change—even when they know their old system isn’t delivering—is the fear of the learning curve when switching to something new. Joseph himself had been hesitant to make the change to online booking. But as he says: “It works! It’s not hard. People prefer to book online. And it reduces work for the front desk because clients can just book when it’s convenient for them.”

Joseph advises that other dental practices considering switching to EXACT prep their team members well ahead of time. Bring them on board with the idea that change is coming and that it’ll make their jobs easier, and make the most of online training before the software change is made.

“If you want to make the change, don’t wait, do it now,” Joseph advises other practices struggling with out-of-date, sub-par software. “If you want to move into online booking and to be able to track your business data, EXACT is quite comprehensive. It’s the right software to use.”

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