Case Study: Pimpama City Dental Centre

Pimpama City Dental Centre’s vision is to build a trusting relationship with their patients. 

Pcdc Thumbnail ImageBased in the Pimpama City Shopping Centre, principal dentist Valda Jing and her team are driven to deliver a personalised service – with tailored treatment plans and a level of care that reaches above-and-beyond patient expectations.

Valda and her team were determined to make a difference in their community. Here’s how our Customer Success Program has helped Pimpama City Dental Centre optimise their practice as a business – and create better health outcomes for their patients.

The challenge: improving patient outcomes as a business

For dental practitioners, prioritising patient outcomes and managing a successful business are targets that go hand-in-hand. However, often dentists do not realise that optimising their practice as a business actually benefits their patients’ overall health outcomes. 

Valda and her team at Pimpama City Dental Centre took great care to nurture their patients and provide a family-oriented environment within their practice. 

Although this focus is valuable, without business-oriented goals the team at Pimpama lost booking opportunities.

With the help of Amanda as their Customer Success Consultant, Valda wanted to strategise her practice as a business – whilst maintaining a personalised service to patients.

“Amanda has been extremely helpful. With her feedback and reporting tools, I’ve been able to keep track of our workflow and the new patients coming through each month.”
Valda Jing, Pimpama City Dental Centre

The solution: introducing ‘best practice’ models and a business-oriented mindset

  • Changing the mindset: creating a ‘family’ atmosphere within your practice can still be achieved without compromising productivity. Valda was encouraged to approach her team as a business leader, as well as a friend.
  • Training the team: Valda and her team implemented our ‘best-practice’ models to focus on productivity and improving patient health outcomes. A key part of this was booking their patients’ next appointment on-departure, which led to a dramatic increase in bookings to 75% – which grows further each month.
  • Trusting the programme: taking on the challenge of new software and practice management takes courage and trust. Pimpama City Dental Centre has seen huge improvements during their Customer Success programme due to Valda’s willingness to adapt and try something new.

Valda’s experience with Henry Schein One

With Amanda’s guidance, Valda and her team at Pimpama City Dental Centre have been able to drive their practice performance – and in doing so, they’re helping more patients improve their dental health.

Once overwhelmed by reporting figures and statistics, Valda now actively tracks and measures the progress of her practice.

“The complex numbers and statistics from reports used go over my head, but Amanda provided useful information that was relevant and easy to understand. Now I always have an idea of how myself and the other dentists are doing.”
Valda Jing, Pimpama City Dental Centre

Attracting 120-150 new patients every month, Valda and her team now appreciate the value of using accurate reports to stay consistent and accountable – whilst still delivering that above-and-beyond service!

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Last Updated on 12 October 2021

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