We know that every dental practice is unique – from size to location, client base to specialty expertise. 

No matter if you are a multi-site practice, opening a new dental surgery, or just want to take your existing dental practice to the next level, we have the right dental practice management software for you.

Dentrix Ascend Dental Practice Management Software

An innovative cloud-based dental practice management system that is secure, convenient and easy to use.

What Dentrix Ascend can do for your dental practice

With Dentrix Ascend, you get a fresh new interface that packs the most advanced clinical, front office and business management capabilities into a surprisingly easy and intuitive new user experience.

You gain the freedom to use whatever devices make sense for your practice – from PCs to iPads. And you tap into all the advantages of a secure, web-based architecture that gets better and smarter every time you log in.

Dentrix Ascend provides instant access to the tools you need from any location, and frees you from the expense and hassle of buying and maintaining your own hardware.

Goals, Problems and Solutions (GPS)

A predictive problem-solving feature, this unique business tool identifies tasks that need attention and provides options for remediation to keep your practice on course.

Natural User Interface (NUI)

Make it easy to complete daily tasks so you get more done in less time.

Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI)

Built-in Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) automates repetitive tasks, helping your team to work smarter.

Multi-Location Support & Single Patient Record

Create an unlimited number of physical practice locations and share patient records across all locations while maintaining separate schedules and production reporting.

Fully Automated Recalls & Reminders

Improve your recall effectiveness and reduce manual workload by fully automating your recall and reminder communications with our best practice configuration.

True Cloud Imaging

Lossless compression ensures your images are stored at clinical-quality levels whilst reducing the need for separate x-ray servers or 3rd party software.

Drag-and-Drop Treatment Planner

Close more treatment plans with the ability to easily create, present and schedule cases, along with generating pre-authorisations and tracking presented, accepted and rejected cases.

Enterprise-Grade Reporting

Featuring three layers of reporting; Ascend reports are quick and easy, our customisable power reporting engine allows you to create and format the data as you need it; and our Enterprise API’s can pull data into your own downstream systems.

“The one thing that really impresses me with Dentrix Ascend is that it’s constantly evolving. There are constantly updates and improvements to the software, which are always exciting and we are able to take on those updates almost immediately.”

Caitlin Wainrib – Clinical Director and Founder, Mobile Dental Clinics Australia

EXACT Dental Practice Management Software

An intelligent and powerful dental practice management software that delivers efficiency and enhances business performance.

What EXACT can do for your dental practice

Built on years of analysis and research, EXACT Dental Practice Management Software gives practices the management tools to maximise profitability and improve patient outcomes.

EXACT dental software automates many of the mundane but essential management tasks that collectively determine the financial success of a dental practice. It includes a range of features that allow dental practices to benefit from increased efficiency, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Making a significant difference to practice performance EXACT dental software organises the protocols in which a practice is run and improves the key performance indicators that determine long-term success.

Patient Portal

Gives patients the ability to book their appointments, update forms, check-in and more, all from their personal device, giving your patients the ultimate experience.

Care Manager

Gives you a clear view of all outstanding treatment plans. View details, prioritise, track, assign and send direct communications to help ensure patients return to your practice for the treatment they need.

Automated Patient Communications 

Send personalised communications including appointment reminders, patient treatment reminders, online review requests, lapsed patient reactivations and more, using our upgraded communication services.

Single Screen Perio

Take control over how you record your Perio readings with the brand new Perio view, allowing you to easily navigate the way that works best for you, helping you achieve clinical excellence.

Caries Detection

Gives you the ability to automatically highlight signs of early caries decay in your X-Ray images, helping you achieve clinical excellence.

Workflow Manager

Gives you the ability to focus on the management of inbound and outbound workflow processes, which is fundamental to the success of any dental practice.

Utilisation Manager

Designed to make best use of all available surgery time so that you can maximise your practice performance and profitability.


Seamless integration with payment providers to EXACT, saving you time and effort while reducing barriers to treatment for your patients.

“Upgrading takes you outside of your comfort zone, but now that EXACT is up and running I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is thinking of changing.”

Dr Nick Agiannidis – Practice Principal, St Marys Dental Care

OASIS Dental Practice Management Software

A flexible and affordable dental practice management software that reduces administration and improves workflow and productivity.

What OASIS can do for your dental practice

OASIS Dental Practice Management Software is easy to learn and simple to use. It has everything you need to manage and grow your dental practice.

With wide-ranging patient database and scheduling tools as well as forward thinking clinical charting tools that improve chair-side workflow and assist in patient education.

My Time Module

Manage your appointment book with ease. Simply point and click to create, amend, move, copy, link or delete appointments.

My Money Module

Create electronic patient files ensuring that all a patient’s individual information is recorded efficiently in one place.

My Work Module

Create treatment plans quickly and easily while improving patient education.

SMS and SMS Replies

Removes the need to send out recalls and reminders manually, helping you maximise chair-time utilisation by minimising lapsed patients and FTAs, whilst saving you time.

Online Booking

With integration into your calendar and instant appointment confirmation sent direct to patients, Online Booking enables patients to book online 24/7.


A unique service that allows you to send patient letters directly, without printing a single thing onsite at your practice, freeing up hours of administration time and ensuring consistent patient communications.

Patient Exit Workflow Manager

Optimise patients’ experiences by obtaining better customer information and ensuring future appointments are booked before customers leave your practice.


Seamless integration with payment providers to OASIS, saving you time and effort while reducing barriers to treatment for your patients.