Examine Pro

Optimise treatment acceptance and grow your revenue

Educating your patients on their options and following up systematically to ensure they take up the treatment they need is key to increasing treatment plan acceptance. By increasing treatment acceptance you are improving both your patients’ clinical outcomes and your practice revenue.

Software benefits

Enhance your
treatment plans

Increase treatment acceptance rates by adding images to treatment plans

Improve image quality

Enhance the quality of your images with advanced diagnostic tools

Provide better clinical care

Deliver better clinical care with measurement tools for precise analysis

How it works

Examine Pro seamlessly integrates digital images from a variety of different sources into one single database.

Examine Pro software works with a wide variety of digital hardware to seamlessly integrate all your images into the chart screen of your practice management software system. From here, an image can be stored, retrieved, printed and copied, while retaining its original format.

With Examine Pro you can easily add digital images to treatment plans, presentations or emails. Examine Pro facilitates the import of pictures and digital images into a patient’s treatment plan or presentation and can also be attached to an email.

Advanced diagnostic tools in Examine Pro can also enhance image quality and provide measurement tools for precise analysis while offering a full range of printing options.

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Last Updated on 11 August 2021

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