We have a range of solutions to help you provide better oral health outcomes for your patients while taking your practice performance to a whole new level.

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Patient Experience

Patient Experience. As a dental practice your ultimate goal is to encourage better oral health care and achieve positive treatment outcomes. But, the steps that come before and after your…
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Practice Analytics

Practice Analytics. Did you know that 80% of dental practices admit to not knowing enough about their business performance? Not having the right tools to measure and analyse your practice…
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New Patient Acquisition

New Patient Acquisition. The average dental practice needs to see 16 new patients per dentist, per month just to stand still. Making it easy for new patients to find you…
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Treatment Plan Acceptance

Treatment Plan Acceptance. Educating your patients on their options and following up systematically to ensure they take up the treatment they need is key to increasing treatment plan acceptance. By…
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Patient Cycle Management

Patient Cycle Management. There are several actions that need to be completed before and after every patient appointment – from recalling patients to sending out appointment reminders. These actions all…