We have a range of solutions to help you provide better oral health outcomes for your patients while taking your practice performance to a whole new level.

Patient Experience

As a dental practice your ultimate goal is to encourage better oral health care and achieve positive treatment outcomes. But, the steps that come before and after your patient has their treatment are just as important for the overall patient journey and treatment outcomes.

Patient Experience solution

  • Attract new patients and retain existing patients
  • Optimise the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction
  • Minimise queue waiting times for your patients

Patient experience gives patients the ability to manage everything from booking appointments to completing forms and self check-in all from their personal devices*. The best part about it is there’s minimal input required from your team.

How does it work?

  • Book online: Patients book an appointment online from anywhere at any time
  • Receive forms: Patients will receive forms to complete prior to their appointment via a secure portal link
  • Complete forms: Patients can complete their forms when and wherever suits them – at home, on the go or in the practice
  • Self check-in: Patients are also sent a QR code which they can scan in at the practice to self check-in
  • After treatment: After their treatment patients can book their next appointment via an online booking link

* Requires Patient Portal, Online Booking and EXACT dental practice management software.

Clinipad solution

  • Optimise the patient experience
  • Minimise the risk of human data entry errors
  • Save your front desk significant time and manual labour
  • Reduce your paper storage requirements

Clinipad allows patients to electronically complete and sign Patient Details, Medical History, Oral Health Survey and Estimate forms onsite at your practice, through your iPad device, significantly reducing the risk of human error from manually entering patient data.

It allows you to become a truly paperless dental practice by removing the need for paper forms in your practice, freeing up valuable storage space and reducing front desk administration.

The functionality is integrated with EXACT with signed forms easily accessible for future reference.*

* iPad device not included. Requires an upgrade to the latest version of EXACT. A Wifi connection is required.

Practice Analytics

Did you know that 80% of dental practices admit to not knowing enough about their business performance? Not having the right tools to measure and analyse your practice performance may mean that your business is not achieving its full potential.

MyPractice Cloud solution

  • Access reports and statistics from anywhere at any time
  • Easily analyse and understand your practice performance
  • Identify issues based on your practice data
  • Make more informed business decisions

MyPractice Cloud provides in-depth performance and financial reports along with the ability to view practice calendars and share documents. Analyse vital statistics including income, product sales, failure to attends, waiting time and much more.

Practice owners are now able to access full reports of business performance all in one place. Manage MyPractice Cloud (MPC) from anywhere, at any time and allow designated employees to have access to your practice reports.

Integrated with EXACT dental practice management software, MyPractice Cloud allows you to seamlessly view your business data allowing access to practice analytics.

Patient Cycle Management

There are several actions that need to be completed before and after every patient appointment – from recalling patients to sending out appointment reminders. These actions all affect your recall rates, short-notice cancellations and patients who fail-to-attend, which will in turn affect your overall chair-time utilisation and practice performance.

Automated Recalls and Reminders solution

  • Improve your patients’ oral health
  • Improve your recall effectiveness
  • Reduce your FTAs
  • Maximise your chair-time utilisation

With SMS and SMS replies automatically send SMS reminders and recalls to patients and enable them to reply to confirm their appointment – don’t rely on just sending email recalls and reminders. Remove the need to manually send out recalls and reminders, helping you follow up with overdue patients, reduce FTA’s and maximise chair-time utilisation.

With EasyPost send recall postcards directly to patients via our communications services without printing a single thing onsite at your practice. Choose from a range of letter and postcard templates and free up hours of administration time.

New Patient Acquisition

The average dental practice needs to see 16 new patients per dentist, per month just to stand still. Making it easy for new patients to find you online and book an appointment is vital to ensuring you have a steady flow of new patients.

Online Booking solution

  • Attract new patients
  • Maximise your chair-time utilisation
  • Improve practice revenue and your average hourly rate

What are you doing to capture the 47% of bookings made online outside of business hours? Online Booking enables new and existing patients to conveniently book an appointment through your website at any time, anywhere, even whilst on the go – while you retain control of your diary by selecting which appointments are made publicly available.

When patients book online, they can select if they are new or existing, a reason for their visit and a provider.

You can also include web-links in your SMS and email recalls prompting existing patients to book from their smartphone or PC there and then.

Any online booking appointments made will be directly added into your appointment book in your software. Therefore, your front desk can spend less time confirming appointments and focus on customer service.

Treatment Plan Acceptance

Educating your patients on their options and following up systematically to ensure they take up the treatment they need is key to increasing treatment plan acceptance. By increasing treatment acceptance you are improving both your patients’ clinical outcomes and your practice revenue.

Examine Pro solution

  • Enhance your treatment plans
  • Improve image quality
  • Deliver clinical excellence to your patients

Examine Pro seamlessly integrates digital images from a variety of different sources, into one single database.

Examine Pro software works with a wide variety of digital hardware to seamlessly integrate all your images into the chart screen of your practice management software system. From here, an image can be stored, retrieved, printed and copied, while retaining its original format.

With Examine Pro you can easily add digital images to treatment plans, presentations or emails. Examine Pro facilitates the import of pictures and digital images into a patient’s treatment plan or presentation and can also be attached to an email.

Advanced diagnostic tools in Examine Pro can also enhance the image quality, provide measurement tools for precise analysis while offering a full range of printing options.