Introducing the Dentist Portal

Henry Schein One launches new Dentist Portal web app for EXACT dental software

The new Dentist Portal is an optional add-on for practices that use MyPractice Cloud (MPC) and integrates with EXACT dental software.

It enables providers to conveniently and quickly view relevant revenue, appointments and KPI information on their smartphone while on the move or at home, even when their practice is closed.

The Dentist Portal

Easy access to provider information and reporting

Much like a Fitbit™ can help track personal performance for fitness, using MPC in combination with the Dentist Portal allows clinicians to track their individual performance with confidence.

Tracking individual performance ‘on-the-go’ 

The Dentist Portal web app has an easy-to-navigate dashboard, and allows providers to see top-line figures before drilling down into greater detail as required, in relation to their own performance only.

Dentist portal screen shots

The web app acts as a personal motivator and performance tracker. Individual providers can now see their own data, including a host of KPIs (revenue, appointments and more), direct from their smartphone.

Having access to a web app that transmits data directly to a provider’s smartphone means they can monitor their own performance and are able to review stats regularly.

  • Track individual KPIs, including new patients, FTAs and recall effectiveness
  • View appointments for the next 5 working days
  • Track performance outcomes

Staff are empowered, and keeping every provider up-to-date with their performance data is seamless and easy.

Better, easier business growth 

To use the Dentist Portal, you need to have MyPractice Cloud (MPC), which gives you online access to performance metrics, dashboards and reports online, from any location, 24/7.

What’s more, dental practices that sign up to MPC may qualify for Henry Schein One’s
 Customer Success Program, a 12-month business coaching program. Dental practices that switch to EXACT dental software will automatically join the Customer Success Program, enabling them to accelerate their business growth.

The program has already helped countless practices achieve double-digit revenue growth and improvements across other key metrics, including new patient acquisition, average hourly rates, patient recall rates, FTA rates and more.

Our team is here to help you understand the data behind your business. Find out how MPC and the Dentist Portal can help you achieve your practice goals. 

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Last Updated on 18 August 2021

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