Henry Schein One partners with MyHealth1st

Henry Schein One partners with MyHealth1st

Henry Schein One Australia, provider of leading dental practice management software platforms Dentrix Ascend, EXACT and OASIS is excited to announce a continued partnership with MyHealth1st, Australia’s most trusted online booking platform.

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Every month, thousands of Australians search for and book dental appointments through the MyHealth1st Marketplace. MyHealth1st seamlessly integrates with all Henry Schein One dental practice management systems, so no matter if you use Dentrix Ascend, EXACT or OASIS, your practice can utilise MyHealth1st to enable patients to book appointments with your practice online.

To date, more than 13 million online appointments have been booked through the MyHealth1st marketplace by over 11,000 practices, but that’s not all that MyHealth1st has to offer. Strategic partnerships with Medibank, AfterPay, OpenPay and innovative dental AI app Pearlii help drive more bookings to dental practices while giving patients options to help them overcome financial stresses.

“By enabling patients with more places to book an appointment online, we are making dental care more accessible. In addition, we are also optimising the patient experience and enabling practices to grow at a faster rate,” said Calvin Leung, Marketing Manager for Henry Schein One Australia.

Both Henry Schein One and MyHealth1st value data security. Bookings and any dentist/patient data created through MyHealth1st is safe and secure, and MyHealth1st will never share or sell your practice’s or patients’ confidential data with a third party.

“The MyHealth1st.com.au platform and healthcare marketplace not only enables patients to easily search for and find the healthcare they need, it also ensures that their data is secure and won't be shared or sold to a third party,” said Klaus Bartosch, CEO & Co-Founder of ASX listed 1st Group Ltd.

“Healthcare is a personal journey between the patient and doctor, and any breach of that trust may negatively affect both the patient experience and health outcomes.”

“We’re proud to partner with Henry Schein One to deliver safe and secure online bookings and other patient connection tools to dentists across Australia”.

Since launching in 2012, MyHealth1st and the MyHealth1st Marketplace has had one mission - to help people access the healthcare they need, when they need it. Since then, MyHealth1st has continually improved and added to their online booking portal, adding new functionality, data security measures and compatibility features with each update. That’s why MyHealth1st is Australia’s most trusted online healthcare booking platform.

If you’d like to learn more about the partnership between Henry Schein One and MyHealth1st, or have questions about MyHealth1st online appointments and other services, please visit: MyHealth1st.com.au/dentists 

Last Updated on 10 June 2021

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