COVID-19 Coronavirus Update and Resources

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update and Resources

On behalf of the team at Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand, we hope that you and your patients remain safe during this challenging and testing time.

The health and safety of all Henry Schein One dental practices, patients and staff are our number one priority. 

Our Customers

We have created these resources to help Henry Schein One dental practices and their patients respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.How To Guides

Our Staff

We have also implemented a number of measures to minimise risk to our staff including the following.

Work from home policy: The majority of our staff are now working from home and will continue to be available to help support your practice. Staff who remain in the office that are feeling unwell will be directed to work from home or take medical leave.

Increased office hygiene: We have made hand sanitiser widely available throughout the office and increased the distance between staff in accordance with "social distancing" guidelines.

Regular reviews: We are reviewing our work practices and policies on a daily basis.

Please take care of yourself and those around you and we look forward to helping you improve health outcomes in the communities that you serve.

Mark Van Zuylekom
General Manager
Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand

Last Updated on 25 May 2020

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