We understand what makes a successful dental practice and our team of experts are available to share our best practice knowledge.

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Patient Cycle Management

Are you managing your patients efficiently and effectively?


We understand there are several actions that need to be done before and after every patient appointment – from recalling patients to sending out appointment reminders. These actions all affect your short-notice cancellations, patients who fail-to-attend and your overall practice performance.

Having best practice systems and processes in place is crucial to ensuring your practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

By following best practice, you can achieve recall effectiveness of up to 85% and achieve 95% chair-time utilisation.

By working with us, we can help set up best practice strategies to help you optimise your patient cycle management, recall effectiveness, failure-to-attends and workflow so that your front desk can focus on the things that matter most.

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New Patient Acquisition

Are you seeing a strong and steady flow of new patients each month?


New patients are the lifeblood of a practice. Having a strategy to attract the right kind of patients will help you build a successful and sustainable business.

With dental practices needing to see 16 new patients per dentist, per month just to stand still, having a steady patient flow is vital to a practice’s health. It is also important to maintain a healthy balance between new and existing patients to enable practice growth.

Regardless of the size of your dental practice, we have the tools and knowledge to help you effortlessly attract new patients whilst making it easy for them to find and book an appointment online.

Work with us and we can help you implement a new patient acquisition strategy that will drive practice growth, improve practice efficiency and ensure new patients have the best possible experience and care.

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Treatment Plan Acceptance

When was the last time you reviewed your outstanding treatment opportunities?


Increasing treatment plan acceptance is vital for both patients’ clinical outcomes as well as maximising practice revenue. Critical to success is educating patients on their options and following up systematically to ensure they take up the treatment they need.

We have the tools to help you inform your patients of available treatments, from chairside education to personalised post-treatment follow-ups. We can even help you track the progress of any outstanding treatment plans and effortlessly action these tasks.

By working with us you can boost treatment acceptance across the entire patient journey, using techniques and tools that will deliver tangible results.

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