Are You Ready for When the World Restarts?

Are you ready for when the world restarts?

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It appears as though most of the world is still on “pause”. However, as dental practices across Australia and New Zealand now gradually open up their doors for selective treatments or on an “emergency” basis only, it is important that you are prepared.

While putting your business on “pause” has caused issues and challenges, restarting your dental practice won’t be as simple as opening your doors and expecting things to pick up where they left off.

Below are some considerations all dental practices should be aware of and prepare for.

1. Your patients

A contactless patient experience

Minimising both human-to-human and human-to-object contact may be the new normal and dental practices need to adapt to this new expectation. Many businesses have adopted contactless interactions, such as contactless “tap and go” payment and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Peace of mind

It’s important to communicate via email, SMS and on your website any increased safety and hygiene protocols to your patients to help reduce their anxiety and promote peace of mind. For example, your practice may now have adopted social distancing measures in the waiting room or made hand sanitiser available upon entry.

2. Your staff

Flexible work arrangements

Giving your staff flexibility during these times of uncertainty will go a long way to helping them maintain a healthy work life balance. For example, some of your staff members may have children who become sick and are instructed to stay at home. Or they may have parents who are vulnerable that need special care. Your staff may need flexible work arrangements as a result.

Communication and Screening

Your staff will play an important role in screening patients before and when they arrive. However, it is equally as important to screen and check in with your staff before they arrive each day. If they are feeling even slightly sick, then you should advise them to stay at home. You don’t want to be putting your practice at risk or have a patient tell your clinicians “You sound sick. Should you be working?”

3. Your business

Plan for the future

It’s easy for dental practices to become complacent with all of the changes that have occurred.

However, dental practices who are actively planning for the future will ultimately be better prepared to adapt to change and ensure their practice survives and thrives when restrictions are lifted.

Get expert advice

It’s important to engage with experts who can recommend strategies and solutions for ensuring your business is set up for success.

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Last Updated on 19 May 2020

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