Breaking Barriers with Dental Payment Option

Breaking down payment barriers for your patients

We explore solutions to dental financing

When the goal is positive treatment outcomes for your community, ensuring patients have access to treatment in the first place is key.

But the reality of dental treatment is simple: cost is always an issue.

Every day, dentists see that cost is a significant barrier to patients accepting much-needed dental care. 

To tackle your patient’s financing woes, it’s important to explore dental payment options so patients can get treatment when they need it, not just when they can afford it.

The real cost of community health

When trying to provide dental care to the whole community, dentists see the barriers that prevent patients from receiving the treatment they require – often urgently.

Cost of treatment significantly restricts your patients from seeking, let alone paying for, dental care.

In order to improve ongoing patient health and wellbeing, it’s critical that we find ways to make dentist costs more affordable for our community. Utilising dental payment options that make treatment costs realistic and manageable alleviates the stress experienced by patients who require treatment, perhaps suddenly.

Providing better dental payment options

Statistics suggest that less than 50% of adults see their dentist for regular check-ups, with cost the most common deterrent.

The consequences of this couldn’t be clearer, as patients who neglect their scheduled check-ups often require more drastic treatments in the future. Making those general check-ups more accessible is guaranteed to improve overall patient wellbeing!

But how can dentists solve this problem?

Dentists see that cost, and fear of cost, seriously threatens patients’ outcomes. By sharing resources and offering dental payment options for patients, it’s possible to provide more affordable treatment to the community.

It may not be possible to reduce treatment costs altogether, but providing more inclusive and realistic payment options can make a dramatic difference to our valued patients.

Dental payment options that break up one daunting bill into easy-to-manage installments allow patients to put their dental health first – without financial stress taking over!

Treat now, pay later: the future of payment

Breaking down payment barriers into installments

While dentists can’t make treatments cheaper, it is possible to make dental care more affordable! By using ‘buy now, pay later’ platforms, patients no longer have to tackle a daunting lump-sum in order to receive the care they need.

Breaking down cost barriers into interest-free instalments, payment platforms like Afterpay, PartPay & Zip make treatment far more accessible to patients.

Rather than having to wait until they can afford it, patients using these alternative payment methods are able to book dental appointments as soon as required – then pay for treatment in a more comfortable and realistic time frame.

Improving patient outcomes with payment platforms

Platforms such as Afterpay, with over 2.5million users already, provide practices with trusted dental payment options. Patients facing treatment will be assured they are receiving care immediately using a payment method they are likely already familiar with.

“I needed an emergency appointment and this dentist offered Afterpay and they had an appointment available. This was not my usual dentist, I went to them because they offered Afterpay. I used Afterpay as it’s easier to pay in installments rather than one lump sum.”

– Elisha, Afterpay customer

By providing easy dental payment options, dentists offer the following benefits to patients:

  • Affordability: paying in more affordable installments allows patients to receive necessary treatment followed by easy-to-manage and interest-free payments.
  • Immediacy: a much cheaper up-front fee allows patients to get treatment as soon as it’s needed, reducing their waiting time and ensuring dental problems are treated quickly.
  • Accessibility: patients pay no extra establishment fees and receive instant approval, simply using their current debit or credit card

“I suffered with tooth pain for 6 months until I realised my dentist offered Afterpay, I saw a sign in the window and booked straight away. I thought I needed a filling but I ended up needing root canal treatment and didn’t have the funds to pay for it upfront. Using Afterpay meant I could pay it off.”

– Lauren, Afterpay customer

Facilitating better community health

As dentists, taking advantage of these payment programs allows you to reduce the worrying delay between patient diagnosis and treatment. You’ll also relieve the daunting prospect of paying for treatment immediately!

By making dental care more accessible in this way, you enable patients to enjoy better overall health knowing they can take care of their oral health without crippling dentist costs.

As we tackle payment stress, patients are able to enjoy a better quality of life knowing that dental care is now well within their means.

If you’d like to explore new payment solutions for your patients, talk to us today

Last Updated on 3 July 2020

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