Patient cycle management with Samantha Yurchenko

Talk to our experts: improving recall effectiveness for “the one that got away”

Business Development Specialist and practice analytics expert, Samantha Yurchenko discusses patient cycle management

Many practices mistakenly assume that their outdated dental software takes care of patient recalls. In reality, poor patient cycle management systems are leading to an increase in recall lag, as patients fail to attend regular check-ups and complete their treatment plans. 

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According to our Business Development Specialist, Samantha Yurchenko, most dental practices are only at 30% recall effectiveness – missing out on around $150k of practice revenue!

“Many dentists haven’t been given an insight into best practice processes for their business. They might think they can just send an email, or have the front desk give a patient a call, and things will tick over. But people lead busy lives, and dentists have to use more strategic methods to improve their recall effectiveness.”

Samantha Yurchenko, Business Development Specialist

Sam explains that, for dental practices, “the one that got away” is a serious matter. The real cost of recall lag is:

  1. Revenue: Practices lose cyclical long-term revenue from patients who should be returning every 6 to 12 months

  2. Health: Patients miss important check-ups, risking their oral health and leading to more costly treatments being required and serious implications to their overall systemic health.

As an expert in patient cycle management, Sam is at the analytical forefront of improving the patient recall effectiveness of practices with Henry Schein One. By extracting a practice’s data and analysing their recall processes and effectiveness, Sam can accurately diagnose problems and find solutions that work.

With a passion for efficient workflows and powerful business strategies, Sam applies her expertise in business analysis and technologies to show dentists how to implement best practice processes – with automated dental software, training in practice analytics, and insights into leading practice methods to ensure patients return regularly.

“It’s about having the right catches in place. We’ll make sure practices have dental software that prompts the front desk, so they must check a patient’s contact details and book their next appointment on-departure. Methods like this are proven to be successful when implemented by our top performing dental practices.”

Samantha Yurchenko, Business Development Specialist

As part of Henry Schein One’s team of experts, Sam has helped hundreds of dentists improve their patient cycle management. It all starts with a comprehensive business health check, followed dedicated training and software support as part of our Customer Success Program. 

Our best practice methods, such as sending different media at different intervals, are proven to generate long-term success for dental practices. With expert guidance from specialists like Sam, you can implement the strategies that’ll bring back “the one that got away”, generate long-term practice revenue, and improve oral health outcomes in your community!

If you’re not yet signed up with Henry Schein One, you can still call Samantha Yurchenko for a complimentary business review. Begin your journey to effective patient recall today.

If you’re already part of the Henry Schein One family, talk to our Business Services team on 1300 889 668 for a complimentary patient cycle management health check.

Last Updated on 24 May 2021

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