OASIS dental software updates

OASIS updates May 2021

If you missed our last update, we introduced some of the awesome new software improvements and user experiences for our OASIS customers. 

From new customer programs like our OASIS E-learning Portal, to new software features such as Payment Partner integration and Online Booking templating, the OASIS team continue to strive to make your user experience that much better.

OASIS updates growth

OASIS Customer Success Program

Henry Schein One are pleased to announce the launch of our free* Customer Success Program. Our Customer Success team can help you grow your practice by unpacking, analysing and using key metrics to produce excellent business outcomes.

Our experts will provide bespoke solutions, tailored specifically to your needs - they will be right by your side throughout various different stages of the Program.

Growth statistics such as 34 New Patients per Chair per Month and 93% Chair Utilisation** sound too good to be true, but our tried and tested Customer Success Program is making these outstanding results a reality.

Sign up to enjoy the following proven benefits:

  • Grow practice revenue
  • Maximise chair-time utilisation
  • Increase average hourly earnings and New Patient numbers
  • Improve patient recall rates and treatment acceptance
  • Reduce failure to attends, short notice cancellations and more…

To find out more about our Customer Success Program, call our Business Services team at 1300 889 668 or chat with us here.

OASIS Version 12.09

The OASIS development team are pleased to announce that all of our customers can now upgrade their software to version 12.09.

OASIS 12.09 continues to provide our valued customers with new features and back-end tweaks so that you can run your practice in the most efficient way possible.

Thanks to the prompt work of the OASIS development team, 12.09 implements a change in OASIS coding to account for a new Hicaps process, which would otherwise result in ‘Error Code 57’ on your Hicaps terminal. If you encounter this error, please contact our support team to schedule an upgrade at your convenience.

When you do need assistance, OASIS 12.09 also allows you to engage with our friendly support team via chat, saving you the hassle of being on the phone. Simply click ‘Chat’ in the bottom right hand corner of your OASIS screen whenever you need help.

To schedule an upgrade, contact our support team at 1300 889 668, or chat with us here.

What's Next...

Stay tuned for our mid-monthly updates to find out what else we’ve been up to behind the scenes.   

If you have any questions regarding OASIS, you can contact, Hasan Kazmi, the OASIS Support Team Leader on 1300 889 668 or by emailing oasis@henryscheinone.com.au

* Free for customers with a support contract.
** Based on our top performing 20% of Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand customers converting to EXACT dental software on the Customer Success Program for each Key Performance Indicator as at April 2020.

Last Updated on 10 June 2021

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