Introducing the Suburbs Insights tool by HealthEngine

Introducing the Suburbs Insight tool by Health Engine

We took the new Suburb Insights tool from our partners at HealthEngine for a test drive and explored how access to this essential market data can help your dental practice tap into untapped opportunities, get new patients and drive practice growth.

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What is the Suburb Insights tool?

Our partners at HealthEngine - Australia's largest network of patients - have the most insightful search and booking volume data for how patients and practices are using their network. That indicative data is instantly accessible online - for all, for free - with their Suburb Insights tool.

All you need to do is enter your postcode and the tool lets you drill into the HealthEngine data. You’ll see how many patients have been searching for and booking appointments in your area in the last 30 days on HealthEngine. It shows you the percentage of new and returning patients, their average age and most popular appointment booking times.

It also lets you see practice insights too, so you can get a clear picture of how much and what kind of competition you’re facing in your area on HealthEngine.

Helping you create a really robust marketing and business plan.

For any dental practice to be successful, it should always have a business and marketing plan for the year ahead and that plan should never be based on gut feelings and hunches. Because if you go with your gut, you’re probably going to make costly errors. Data should always drive your decisions, every time.

Using the free Suburb Insights tool may reveal a few surprises for your practice. It might contradict some of your previous beliefs about online bookings and HealthEngine that were based on a feeling rather than fact. It will give you certainty in identifying the opportunities you’re missing out on and confidence in making informed decisions.

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Put your practice front and center.

HealthEngine offers Australia’s #1 marketing tool for practice growth, delivering high-value new patients and complementing your existing marketing strategies perfectly.

Last Updated on 10 June 2021

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