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How innovative dental software is improving community health

Beyond the coding and software, the groundbreaking work from our developers is improving lives every day.

At Henry Schein One, we understand the value of providing innovative dental software services to dentists all over the world. 

Because, by offering solutions that make practice management more accessible, automated, and affordable, we are empowering dentists to directly improve community health care.

We’ll look at how our developers play such a huge role in supporting dentists and improving overall community health.

Good oral health underpins wellness and longevity
It’s well-known by dentists that taking care of your teeth and gums is critical to ensure better overall health.

However, ensuring patients maintain good oral health is more complicated than simply sharing a study. 

How does our dental software help?

With a computer and a knack for code, Henry Schein One’s software developers are revolutionising community health care.

Empowering dentists with the latest technology and practice management strategies, our developers are directly enhancing community health by making dental care more accessible for everyone.

“By creating a software solution that automates business critical functions like patient recalls, dental practices focus on caring for their communities.”
Niels Grootscholten, Head of Product and Development

Our developers are improving community health care by addressing common problems experienced by dentists and patients:

  • Increasing follow-up appointments: 

Dentists are losing patients at the crucial stage of re-booking. This is where community health is compromised, because dental care must be maintained with regular check-ups to prevent major dental treatment.

For example, the perfect opportunity for patients to re-book is when they are at Reception following their initial appointment. Unfortunately, practice staff can miss this opportunity due to their workload or simply forgetting.

The solution: our developers have automated practice management software to simplify administration procedures. By perfecting a system that prompts receptionists to re-book, administration staff can more easily ensure a higher volume of patient follow-up appointments. 

Our dental software is the perfect tool for practice receptionists, automated to ensure admin procedures are followed through consistently with every single patient – from checking contact details, to collecting payment, and arranging follow-ups.

If a reception task is not completed, our intelligent system asks why this has happened in order to track productivity. This allows dentists to measure and manage their practice administration more effectively.

  • Maintaining communication:

Communication is key. One of the main reasons patients are lost is because they leave the practice without being prompted to book their next appointment. It’s that simple, your patient won’t book their follow-up appointment unless you ask them to.

A follow-up letter, SMS, or email, sent on-time, could be the difference between prevention and treatment. Unfortunately, scheduled patient reminders are often neglected. This means that patients ultimately aren’t receiving the level of care they need.

The solution: one of the ways our team has targeted this problem is with a new communication tool called Easy Post – which is an important feature of our multi-channel communication system. This innovative system reduces administration workload by automating follow-up reminders and communications via letter. 

Unexpectedly, even in the digital age, formal appointment reminders via letter are proven to be highly effective alongside email and SMS. 

Easy Post ensures follow-up letters are sent on-time, every time, by automatically signalling a mailing partner to create and send a patient’s letter. 

By automating a traditionally manual and time-consuming communication method, our developers ensure that receptionists have more time for customer service, and every patient receives enough notice to maintain good oral health.

  • Easing the administrative workload:

While the dentist’s role is crucial, practice receptionists and administrative staff face numerous complex tasks – all while maintaining excellent customer service. 

The reality is that balancing between admin and customer service can diminish the quality of both: in focusing on sending a follow-up message, a receptionist might miss a call from a patient requiring immediate treatment.

The solution: by automating manual tasks and freeing up the front desk, reception staff are more able to tend to patient’s needs and provide a high level of customer service. By automating dental software and making our programmes more user-friendly, our developers make a tangible difference to the service experienced by patients within your practice. 

Our developers are constantly reviewing the practice workflow, identifying ways to optimise processes to deliver efficiency. This enables dentists to dedicate more time to providing better health outcomes in the community.

With the security of knowing patient recalls and reminders are automated, and the front desk is following best practice, our customers are able to provide the most attentive and personalised patient experience. 

  • Providing alternative payment methods:

The daunting task of paying for dental treatment is perhaps the biggest driver preventing patients from booking appointments. Dental care has been rigid in it’s payment options, forcing patients to only book treatment when they can afford it – meaning community health is affected as oral care becomes more about treatment than effective prevention.

The solution: by integrating alternative payment methods into practice management software, our developers directly target a huge problem experienced by dentists. By incorporating pay-in-installment options into our software, dentists are able to be more accessible to the community and provide a more flexible community health care

Software developers bring your patients back

Our outstanding results from dedicated developers

Our team of dedicated developers are making a significant difference to community health care, as our software continues to be a valuable tool in enhancing oral health outcomes.

Through the work of our developers, automated recall systems have empowered dental practices with the confidence that they are engaging with patients consistently and across multiple mediums of communication. 

In fact, this feature has helped drive up patient recall effectiveness to 85%.

Greater automation and work-flow efficiency has enabled receptionists to focus on providing exceptional customer service, with admin tasks effectively integrated into a standardised process.

The team at Henry Schein One are dedicated to developing and enhancing community health care from within dental practices worldwide.

We’re dedicated to making a difference to community health

As a developer at Henry Schein One, you’ll appreciate that the innovation within your coding has the power to change lives.

We understand how important it is that dentists maximise their community engagement, so patients are aware of how good oral health is key to living a long and happy life.

Our team doesn’t just work to improve a product, they are driven to make an impact on wider community health care – that all starts with having the best developers available to equip practitioners with premium dental software.

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Last Updated on 4 June 2020

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