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Tips from Business Development Specialist Jason Normandale

Most people in dental practice management are highly educated, skilled, and know a lot about dentistry. But, they often don’t have specialist business training.

The practicalities of running a dental business are much more involved than just dealing with patients directly in the chair. Record keeping, bookings, accounting, advertising and marketing, patient retention… Some owners of dental practices put this in the “too hard” basket.

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“Studies show that up to 80% of practice owners don’t have a clear understanding of how their businesses are performing.”

Jason Normandale, Business Development Specialist

But, the risks of burying your head in the sand are enormous. Henry Schein One Business Development Specialist Jason Normandale shares his top tips on how you can grow your practice, and why having the best and most efficient systems is so important.

Uncover your blind spots 

Jason’s role is to have in-depth discussions with dental practice owners and managers. He helps them identify blind spots and highlight opportunities for growth. 

Before coming up with a dental business plan, Jason suggests asking yourself these targeted questions:

  • Do you have a clear understanding of how your practice is actually performing?
  • Do you have a grasp of the real data?
  • Are you able to look at those numbers, know what they mean, and know how to implement the right changes?
  • Is your system giving you the clarity to ascertain exactly what is happening?

Jason has seen the following scenario again and again: Work is busy for a dentist and practice owner. The calendar is full, and the marketing and operational aspects of running a dental business get put on the back-burner. They assume everything is fine, and that no operational changes are necessary.

However, what’s happening out the front is chaos. Staff are having trouble juggling an appointment book, recalls and treatments are falling through the cracks, systems are failing because they’re not as structured or as automated as they could be. You just can’t see it, because it’s in your blind spot.

As a dentist you may be busy, but as a dental practice you may be struggling.

Uncover your blindspots by booking an appointment with Henry Schein One’s Business Development Specialist, Jason Normandale, here.

Improve your recall effectiveness

Jason points out that recall effectiveness is a key measure of your business’ success. It shows how well you’re retaining your clients, and bringing them back for their follow-up appointments and other recommended treatments.

Most dental practices use manual booking systems. Recall effectiveness with these outdated systems is just 30%, or 40% as a maximum. But, many people don’t want to think too much about dental software. It’s not glamorous, and can be overwhelming without expert guidance.

A switch to automated systems and dental software can dramatically increase your dental practice’s recall effectiveness. 

The problem is, most business operators don’t know how, or where to start, or what to do once they’ve started. That’s where Henry Schein One’s Business Development Specialists come in, as they can help you establish an effective dental business plan.

Many practice managers are comfortable with how they’re doing things. They’ve been doing it for five, ten, even twenty years or more. They’re averse to change. They’re comfortable with how things are, despite the fact that thousands of patients aren’t getting the regular care they need.

When patients aren’t getting what they need, that’s also money left on the table. Better streamlined and more efficient systems can lead to patient recall effectiveness of 60, 70, even 80%. 

Improve your practice, improve your life

What could you do with the extra money and time freed up by more efficient systems? 

Increased revenue could allow you to invest in your practice, to bring in additional team members, or the ability to step back and work three days a week, if you wish. You could gain more work-life balance, and reduce those crazy long hours you might have been used to. You could prepare and work on increasing the value of the practice for sale, or even upgrade equipment. 

“Having a nice, full appointment book creates opportunities.”

Jason Normandale, Business Development Specialist

If you can’t measure something, it’s hard to take effective action on it. Working with high-level data, you can highlight exactly what’s happening in your business. Sitting down with a business development specialist can help you come up with a plan for improvement and success. 

Book an appointment with Jason Normandale, or another expert Business Development Specialist, and get your personalised dental business plan.

Last Updated on 24 May 2021

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