Expert tips for growing your dental practice: part 3

Expert Advice Series Part 3 with Joseline Fraser

In this third article in our four-part Expert Advice Series, we speak with Joseline Fraser, Henry Schein One’s Business Development Specialist for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory 

A recurring problem for dental practices is low treatment acceptance. At your practice, you’re likely familiar with scenarios where a patient needs urgent treatment but may not go ahead with it because of the high cost.

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As professionals, this can be frustrating for you because you want the best for your patient. And, low treatment acceptance ultimately means lower income and profits for your practice.

We had a chat with Joseline about how she has helped practices build trust with their patients, which can lead to greater treatment acceptance rates. Joseline has helped countless dental practices optimise their practice performance, and has many valuable tips to share to help you boost yours.

What is the biggest issue slowing down dental practices’ growth?

One very common problem, and a recurring fact within practices we see, is dentists losing patients and their treatment plans.

We all know how hard it is to acquire new patients. When we do acquire them, we must do everything possible to over-exceed their expectations and provide the best possible patient experience. When they have a good experience at a practice and trust their dentist, they are more likely to accept the treatment plan that’s recommended.

If a dental practice came to you for advice on this issue, what would you tell them? 

Having good clinical skills is not enough to grow your business.

By enabling the right patient experience, we cultivate patients’ trust and reduce the risk of cancellations or treatment plan rejection. We plant the seeds of commitment and care. Patients know their best interests are being looked out for. When patients have these feelings, they are more likely to refer a practice to their friends and family, and are more likely to immediately accept treatment plans.

Nowadays, in dentistry, it’s not enough to have excellent skills; you need to know how to best deliver these.

‘How’ we reach the best outcome is actually not that difficult. It comes down to creating the right environment in your practice, and having the right proven, researched methods and systems in place. This allows you to separate your practice from the competition and maximise its full potential.

There is real value behind this: for me, it is about equipping your practice, teams and patients with the best systemic solutions for the greatest possible outcome, while landscaping the way to success.

What is your advice for any dental practices apprehensive about embracing change?

It is highly rewarding when we see that we have been able to help dentists achieve their best, and to reach their practice’s goals. The proof is in the data we have gathered from, and the research conducted on, thousands of practices.

You may or may not know — but are perhaps starting to realise now — that the way you have been running your business hasn’t led to the best outcomes for your practice. We have the tools to help you improve case acceptance, take control of your business, and to become excited again about how you run it.

Once you apply Henry Schein One’s methods appropriately, you will see your practice thriving. Our methods enable security and revenue growth, unlike other methods some practices in the industry use. The foundation for achieving your goals and becoming the successful practice you have always wanted to be is only one step away with Henry Schein One.

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Last Updated on 25 May 2021

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