Expert tips for growing your dental practice: part 2

Expert Advice Series Part 2 with Jason Normandale

In this second article in our four-part Expert Advice Series, we speak with Jason Normandale, Henry Schein One’s Business Development Specialist for Western Australia.

Jason has given advice to countless dental practices during the global pandemic on how to survive, thrive and grow. Here, he shares tips that all dental practices should follow.

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What is the biggest issue slowing down dental practices’ growth?

Having studied small business management and entrepreneurship, much of my career has been in business development. Regardless of industry, the foundation of any business development (and any successful business) ultimately lies with an accurate understanding of how you are performing, particularly in relation to your competition.

Without reliable information on how your practice is performing, how can you begin to understand your specific opportunities, much less develop effective plans to achieve them?

Given the lack of business management courses in a typical Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, it’s hardly surprising that most dentists admit to wishing they knew more about how their practices are performing. What is surprising is just how bad so many practice management software systems are at providing clear, useful reports.

If a dental practice came to you for advice on this issue, what would you tell them? 

Understand how your practice is performing.

Henry Schein One offers a complimentary business review that clearly shows exactly how your practice is performing across multiple key metrics. More than that, we benchmark your performance data against industry averages and top performing clinics across Australia and New Zealand. We seek to highlight any blind spots and share evidence-based recommendations proven to drive industry-best results.

What is your advice for any dental practices apprehensive about embracing change?

Start with a complimentary business review. A business review offers factual and invaluable insight into how your practice is actually performing. It may very well open your eyes to opportunities around patient health outcomes and financial performance that you’ve never considered.

After all, if you don’t have the data and information, how do you know what is possible?

If you need help with reviewing your practice performance, book a complimentary business review by calling 1300 889 668. 

Last Updated on 25 March 2021

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