You Can Do It

You can do it: how any practice can improve health outcomes and drive profitability

What’s holding you back from improving your dental practice?

At Henry Schein One, our services go far beyond practice management software.

We believe in guidance and mentorship, inspiring practice owners to maximise their outcomes – as an oral healthcare provider and as a business.

Like the many other dentists and practice owners we’ve worked with, the initial thought of changing your dental software and practice management is likely very daunting.

But with our ongoing support, education, and security, any practice can achieve outstanding results.

You’re not alone: choose the right partner

The Henry Schein One difference

With Henry Schein One on your side, your practice is steered to success with a carefully planned strategy.

We invest in a team of specialised advisors. As Customer Success Consultants, not salespeople, our team are dedicated to providing a uniquely tailored experience as you embrace your practice’s potential with our dental software.

Your growth is led by your own Customer Success Consultant who backs up your team with consistent training and reporting on your practice’s monthly improvement.

This expertise is coupled with a genuine desire to ensure you’re comfortable and confident with each process.

Our dedicated customer support service means that you are guided through every step as you install and adapt to our practice management software.

From their first call onwards, your Customer Success Consult provides meaningful assistance and support as you learn about new systems and start integrating best practice principles into your procedures.

The key: believe in yourself, empower your team, and choose the right partner.

We help our customers overcome these common barriers to success:

  • Conquering the fear of the unknown
    It’s natural to be cautious of something different. For many dentists, approaching new dental software is stepping into unfamiliar territory – and this is intimidating, especially if you’re just one principal dentist running a practice.
    Think about it. This mindset is understandable, but it prevents your practice from improving. By choosing Henry Schein One, you’re entrusting your practice in dedicated software experts who prioritise your security and your success.
  • Embracing a challenge
    Sometimes we get too comfortable. Many of the dentists we meet still use the same dental software that they started with.
    It may be comfortable and easy to stick to what you know, but this lethargy is what stops dental practices from moving with the times and connecting to patients who demand more modernised care – such as online booking, payment options, and automatic text reminders.
    Don’t have these systems in place? Modernising your practice is a hurdle that could be blocking you from crucial bookings and patient satisfaction.
    It’s time to get comfortable with change and embrace learning opportunities.
  • Facing the facts with business analysis
    Part of our dedicated service is backing our strategies with statistics – which means we review your business and measure your productivity before we start tailoring your program.
    There may be some harsh truths to face, but this personalised approach to improving your practice is what makes our program so effective.
    By tracking the areas that need work, we’ll help ensure you and your team receive the training and resources to achieve your goals.

Realise the potential of your practice

We’ve found that many dentists manage their practice without considering its potential as a business. 

The reality: dentists are oral health experts, not entrepreneurs

Focusing on patient health outcomes alone may seem like a noble approach. But, without an entrepreneurial mindset, dentists miss out on crucial opportunities to improve their service and patient outcomes.

That’s where we come in.

The pillars of practice success

Employee engagement, patient outcomes, and practice profitability

Henry Schein One shows dentists how to effectively improve patient outcomes, simply by having a business-oriented mindset.

Unlocking this triangle of practice management strategies is key to increasing patient bookings, unifying your team, and driving practice profitability.

It’s simple:

  • Engaging your team:
    If your team is inspired and using best practice methods, such as prompt re-booking and updating patient’s contact details upon departure, appointments are guaranteed to increase. This means more patients are receiving treatment, and more business for your practice.
  • Prioritising your patients:
    As patient outcomes improve, your staff gain an appreciation of their added value to your practice. This inspiration, coupled with best practice techniques and patients fulfilling their treatment plans, leads to greater practice productivity and profitability.
  • Driving your business:
    By investing in business-oriented resources, such as improved dental software and automation, employees benefit from a modernised work environment and can provide a better service. With automation and online booking software, patients receive a better standard of service.

Increased employee engagement = Better patient outcomes = Greater practice profitability

You can do it: believe in yourself

At Henry Schein One, we’re ready to help you provide outstanding patient health outcomes.

We’re experts and we’re here to guide you every step of the way – you just need to believe it’s possible.


Need some support with your dental practice management? Ready to achieve outstanding results as a business? Talk to us today.

Last Updated on 23 June 2022

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