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Dental software that brings peace of mind to practice managers

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The Henry Schein One difference: cutting-edge dental software that supports your practice

Many dentists and practice owners find themselves spread too thin within their practice as they try to be constantly available. 

Without the right support and the right dental software, the ongoing pressures of running a practice can be overwhelming as you take the strain.

That’s why we’re here.

Our dental software and Customer Success team have been designed to not only improve patient health outcomes, but give you peace of mind by helping you to organise and strategise your business.

When a practice’s dental software lacks automation and organisation, dentists and practice managers face a number of ongoing stresses:

  • Troubleshooting technical issues: without user-friendly dental software, dentists often have to sacrifice chair-time to solve technical problems or provide training to staff.
  • Helping the front desk team: as admin tasks accumulate, practice managers and dentists may find themselves giving up their time to pitch-in with admin tasks.
  • Hiring extra team members: practice managers experience the cost of outdated practice management software when they have to hire extra staff, as recalls and outstanding tasks build-up.
  • Constant availability: all of these problems rely on your constant availability – even when you are unwell or wish to take some annual leave.

We understand that this constant pressure takes its toll on practice managers. 

That’s why Henry Schein One’s innovative dental software and Customer Success team are dedicated to providing you with some much-needed peace of mind.

With our dental software and coaching, have peace of mind that your practice is in good hands – every day

Get the comfort and security you’re looking for

At Henry Schein One, we designed our dental software and Customer Success Program with practice managers and owners in-mind.

We understand the stress of maintaining a dental practice, so we’ve created dental software solutions that provide comfort and security to practice owners:

  • Software training to develop your team:
    Championing the change to new practice management software is a mammoth task for practice owners.
    Learning a new system, tailoring its features, and then training staff is a daunting prospect for practice owners and dentists – hence why so many stick with their current, albeit outdated, dental software.
    Henry Schein One offers comprehensive coaching through our Customer Success Program, supporting your team as they adapt to the new system.
    This ensures a smooth transfer period as we offer expert advice to practice owners – and motivate staff to embrace the challenge of an updated system!
  • Automation to save you time:
    Accumulating recall lists, incomplete admin tasks – practice managers often spend too much time organising their practice team and ensuring things get done.
    With tools to automate practice tasks – from recalls and reminders to best-practice booking procedures – our dental software effectively streamlines your team’s workflow.
    Experience peace of mind as your practice maintains effective patient engagement through accurate recalls and reminders, and know that your team are maintaining the best quality of service to your patients.
  • Data protection for your security:
    An ongoing concern for practice managers is the security and protection of their practice data.Updating your dental software and backing-up patients’ sensitive information is vital to ensure your practice’s data is protected.
    But it’s difficult for practice managers to make time for these constant updates.
    That’s why our practice management software is updated regularly and automatically, by our team of experts who work around the clock – saving you the time and worry of finding data protection solutions!

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  • Round-the-clock troubleshooting:
    Dentists and practice managers face the pressure of being constantly available to help their staff – often giving up chair-time and valuable annual leave time to troubleshoot problems within the practice.
    We’re proud to provide above-and-beyond customer support, with a troubleshooting team dedicated to helping your staff negotiate any issue with their dental software
    Should a problem arise, your team can call our support hotline – where we can connect to your practice computer and guide your staff through any dental software issue directly.
    Even when running a dental practice, Henry Schein One believes dentists and practice managers should have peace of mind that they can take time away with the comfort that their staff are in good hands.
  • Business analytics to optimise your business:
    Not all dentists enter dental practice management as entrepreneurs or business-savvy strategists – so setting business targets and analysing reports can be an intimidating task!
    Alongside our practice management software, our Customer Success team is here to help you take control of your business. 
    We can teach you how to assess reports, face those tricky figures, and strategise your practice to benefit both patient health outcomes and business results!

Dental software that helps you organise and strategise your practice

Bringing peace of mind to dentists and practice managers is the key benefit of our practice management software.

At Henry Schein One, we focus on empowering you so that you can deliver the best health outcomes to your patients – with the security that your practice is supported.

Looking to upgrade your practice management software? Talk to us today.

Last Updated on 23 June 2022

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