Seamless data conversion with Dentrix Ascend

Fast, error-free data conversion to new cloud software will save you time and trouble

At Henry Schein One Australia, we encounter two distinct types of customers seeking our cloud-based dental software: those setting up an entirely new dental practice, and those with an existing practice who are looking to change and upgrade their software.

If you sit in the first category--you’re setting up a new practice--then the first two articles in this series on what to look for in a cloud-based system are better suited to your needs:

Dentrix Ascend offers superior availability

Get serious about data security with Dentrix Ascend

But, if you run an existing practice and are looking to switch, then you have another concern beyond availability and security: Data conversion.

In this third post in our series, we’ll take a look at the importance of investing in a cloud software program that can seamlessly convert your existing data to a new system.

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The problem: fear

You’ve kept your patient data in the same system for years, either on physical paper files or on an out-dated server that seriously needs an upgrade. But, you’ve been reluctant to actually make the leap to a new cloud-based software system because you’re worried about a couple of things:

  • You can’t afford to be locked out of your patient files for days or even hours while the transfer occurs. You might need to shut for a day, meaning a loss of business, or take notes on paper to transfer later, which is an inconvenience.
  • You’re afraid of losing some data amid the conversion, or of errors being made during the transfer. You’re concerned that fields of entry in your old system won’t neatly match those on the new system, so a lot of your important notes will be lost, or you could be liable for errors.

Henry Schein One Australia’s Dentrix Ascend cloud-based dental software provides solutions to these potential problems. In fact, if you invest in Dentrix Ascend, these simply aren’t problems at all.

Dentrix Ascend offers next-gen conversion tooling

Henry Schein One Australia recognises the importance of a high-fidelity data conversion from your old system to a new one. We perform hundreds of data conversions every year, and have powerful tooling to make this process smooth and hassle-free.

Every conversion to Dentrix Ascend goes through a trial process. In preparation for moving to a new system, we will run a full conversion and provide the team at your practice with a dedicated trial environment that allows staff to learn exactly how data will look in the new system.

You’ll have access to this trial environment for as long as necessary to assist with training, change and expectation management. Once everyone understands and is satisfied with how the data will appear in the new system, and you’re ready to stop using the old system, we run the final conversion.  

Overnight conversions = No inconvenient shutdowns

Depending on the volume of data you have in your old systems, the conversion process will take just an hour or so. This is usually done overnight - say, after you’ve closed your practice on a Monday evening - and will be up and running for the start of work the next day. 

Compare this to the eight-plus hours that some software systems require for conversion and it’s clear that Dentrix Ascend is a superior solution.

Dedicated conversion team

One of the reasons we can perform such rapid conversions is that we have a dedicated team responsible for doing so. The conversions are run automatically, to minimise the risk of human error. They can be performed so quickly that there’s no need for you to close your practice for a day, or to have any other downtime. 

Because the dedicated conversion team regularly performs conversions, they have ironed out any kinks in the process, to offer you the smoothest and most hassle-free conversion process available.

The dedicated conversion team will support you with every step of the process, as some of the things they’re responsible for include:

  • Liaising with practice managers
  • Performing PC compatibility checks and digital imaging audits
  • Converting and configuring the new system, and ensuring all settings, fees and permissions are correct
  • Walking clients through the conversion of data
  • Scheduling training for practice staff

There are many moving parts to the data conversion process, and with Dentrix Ascend practices get peace of mind by having a dedicated project coordinator who works across all key schedules and dates.

Get in touch to discuss converting to Dentrix Ascend today.

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