Get serious about data security with Dentrix Ascend

Software security can’t be your weak spot

This is part two in our three-article series on important issues you need to consider when choosing a new cloud-based dental software system. 

In part one we discussed “availability” and how important it is to invest in a system that won’t go down when you need it most. In this article, we’ll address the critical issue of security. 

Advantages Of Cloud Based Dental Software Part 2 Data Security

Migrating your system to new dental software isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. It has the potential to affect every aspect of your operation. The decision about which software to invest in should be done with a clear view of the future and full understanding of how the proposed system will carry your business into a rapidly changing environment.

There are many aspects to the issue of software security:

  • Patient data privacy
  • Disaster recovery
  • Staff access and background checks
  • Firewalls and software protections

There’s a lot to think about for each of these sub-categories, so letting the professionals take care of the details will streamline your work processes and give you time to focus on what you love doing: treating your patients. 

The problem: a potential data breach

You’ve probably worked at a dental practice with less-than-bulletproof software security. In many practices relying on old-fashioned software or single servers, a lack of care is taken around security issues. There’s often one password for the whole system that hasn’t been changed in years, if at all. 

In most cases, business owners who run a practice this way do care about privacy and confidentiality. They just don’t necessarily know how to do things differently. With everything else going on at work and patients to see, software security is an issue that gets put on the back-burner. 

It really shouldn’t be. Any kind of data breach—especially if it’s found that your system was at fault — could cause a legal headache and could have a detrimental effect on the lives of patients affected by the data breach.

The solution: take no risks by investing in the best

You can get peace of mind by outsourcing all the data security when you sign up for the industry-leading Dentrix Ascend cloud-based dental software by Henry Schein One Australia.

Technological and cloud security

Privacy and data encryption: Henry Schein One Australia follows the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) guidelines around patient data and privacy and data encryption, so you can be sure that all patient data stored on the Dentrix Ascend cloud is totally secure. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, for optimum data security. 

Monitoring and logging systems: Dentrix Ascend’s advanced monitoring and logging systems allow us to detect and alert our development team to any breaches. Henry Schein One Australia has well-established processes for notification of breaches.

Dentrix Ascend uses New Relic for monitoring, a leading application performance management and monitoring tool that helps track and understand every server action, user click, component uptime and reliability. 

In addition to ‘standard’ monitoring telemetry, we also rely on end-to-end ‘synthetic monitoring’ to ensure the Ascend micro-services ecosystem is behaving as expected. 

Resilient technical infrastructure: To ensure infrastructure is consistent and there is no configuration drift, all Dentrix Ascend infrastructure is done through configuration as code (CAC). 

In non-technical terms, CAC is a best-of-breed set of development processes and practices that help our software developers produce working software and improve our system uptime. To validate our architectural designs, we periodically meet with Amazon Web Services consultants and conduct well-architected reviews that help build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient technical infrastructure.

Personnel Security

Single Sign-on: Further, Dentrix Ascend supports Single Sign-on. This helps organisations give their staff a single username and password that lets them access all their applications, from Office 365 to Dentrix Ascend. They can login faster while also giving management the ability to remove all access from a single point, thus being more secure. 

Okta is our recommended SSO integration partner, but our SSO capability is not dependent on them as a vendor.

IP-based access controls: Despite Dentrix Ascend being a cloud-based system, we support IP-based access controls too. You can restrict system access to only being from within your practice for some employees whilst allowing more senior employees access from home. 

This provides the cloud system benefit of access from anywhere, while also providing additional control to ensure that some staff are only allowed to access the application at work, for example.

Role-based access: Dentrix Ascend also has fine-grained and configurable role-based access to ensure there are strict limitations on what information in the system practice staff can access or modify.

Choose only the best

These technical and personnel security steps also contribute to safeguarding your business’ reputation. If you use less secure systems, customers are likely to blame you for any data breach, even if you did everything within your power to prevent them. 

Don’t take the risk - invest in the best. Your security and the security of your patients’ vital data, is our top priority.

If you need a cloud-based dental software system that’s highly secure, contact Henry Schein One Australia. Simply call 1300 889 668 or email

Last Updated on 12 November 2020

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