Effective patient cycle management in the dental practice

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Improving health outcomes drives consistent practice revenue

Effective patient cycle management in the dental practice

It is often said that it’s more costly to acquire a new patient than it is to keep an existing patient returning regularly for treatment.

Despite all of the best tools and data available, a large number of dental practices still don’t monitor the success rate of their patient recalls or their fail-to-attend rates.

Even more concerning is that many dental practices don’t have a robust plan for their patient cycle management. A consequence of poor patient cycle management is that your patients can be left with undiagnosed and untreated dental issues that can have serious short and long-term effects.

Could you be putting your patients at risk?

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  • Why a robust patient cycle management plan is key to improved health outcomes and consistent practice revenue
  • What does good patient cycle management look like
  • How to optimise your patient cycle management

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Last Updated on 14 April 2021

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